We will try through a series of actions do understand the need for recycling in our everyday lives and the way that gives a means of expressing art. Recycling is an art that gives the answer and evoke questions related to diversity and acceptance of disability.
     Is it the way we see things, our perspective of life as individuals that gives a special meaning and therefore makes things acceptable?
   Having the ability to see beyond an object, beyond its use, we create from the seemingly useless object, another, a new one that is functional. This is the art of recycling, the art of seeing beyond the obvious.
   OBJECTIVES:  Art is accessible to anyone who lets oneself be expressed. So we will try to give young people with disability the opportunity to express themselves and create art through the use of recycled materials such as glass, paper, plastic, proving once again that disability is not inability.
    We will give opportunity to the local community to realize that recycling is everyone's obligation.
It will also show that people with disabilities have the same sensitivities as other citizens and can be instrumental in improving the quality of life for all the community.
   It is a fact that nowadays the modern lifestyle and the hectic paces of our lives affect on ones creativity and the expression of it. This is another thing we will try to highlight, to bring it up and to underline that the expression of creativity is still here for everyone no matter the circumstances.
• Workshop- seminar  in Sweden about the teaching methods-partners Sweden, Poland - 6 participants from each country(4 people with disabilities and 2 special educators)
October 2014 Greece( Palaio Faliro and Aegina) :
• Guide-agenda for schools and the community in order to  participate.
• Raise Awareness of the community about recycling issues
• Sporting and cultural activities using recycled materials.
• Report and presentation of the results.
• Snapshot of the whole path of action
• Organize and run an exhibition of  all the materials ( musical instruments out of recycled materials )

May 2015
Poland – music festival using the instruments made of recycled materials-participants Greece, Poland and Sweden


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